At what age should children begin to recognize zippers?

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At what age should children begin to recognize zippers?

Have you experienced this scene? In the freezing day, you will be late to work, and you have to get one backpack with the items for baby use of daycare over your one shoulder and your own handbag on another shoulder. At the same time, you check your phone and keys in purse and you are impatiently waiting for your five-year-old child to get his jacket on and pull zipper for jacket. But your child cannot pull the jacket zipper and only look at you for help. You have to put the bags on floor and help your kid zip it up for him. Though you try many times to teach your kid how to pull the zipper for coat, but he still does not know how to use it. It is really a problem. How old should kids learn to use zippers?

Maybe some kids with around two years old will mad at the nylon coil zipper on coat and will take their coat off when you teach them how to use zipper. But for 5-year-old kids, they should know how to use small zipper by their own. As parents, they must want to know how old is it suitable for kids to zip up their own coats? What skills they should have first? And how to help them as parents?

In fact, some things such as zipping, buttoning and wearing shoes etc. are essential self-care skills. Every day, the parents with kids have to do these works for them, such as buttoning their pants after using the bathroom, or zipping up their jackets in the morning and so on. Maybe you don’t realize how many times a day you do them. But you may teach them to learn in daily life, which just likes teach them how to wear coats. And these skills can practice their manipulative ability and the coordination ability when they use their fingers to do these things. For example, they have to align the zipper for clothes first when they pull the long zipper on, and thread the button through the hole when they wear coats. Below small game is a good way to help your kids to learn, and you may play with your kids at your free time or holiday.

Small game: "I can pull the zipper"

Activity goal:

1. Learn the correct way to pull the zipper, be careful to pinch your hands and chin

2. Can use children's songs to remind kids to pull the simple zipper

Preparations for activities:

CDs, nursery rhymes, clothes with zippers

Activity process:

1. Watch the CD and learn nursery rhymes.

2. Ask your kid to demonstrate.

3. Tell you how to pull it.

4. You may tell a short story about pulling zipper during the process of learning.

5. Ask the kid to talk about what to do so that he will not be caught when pulling coat zippers? And tell him the correct way to pull the zipper, and slowly pull it up to raise his head.

We know that autumn is the most suitable season to wear. Many parents like to buy many clothes for their children at the changing seasons. In addition to styles, colors and the texture, how to judge the safety of children's clothing? Will you read the instructions and labels of children's clothing? After all, not all children’s clothing can be worn on children. Here we will share with you some common knowledge about children’s clothing with zipper, so that you can buy not only good-looking ones, but also safe and secure ones.

The safety technology classification of children's clothing

Generally speaking, children's clothing including jackets with zipper and trousers with zippers has national standards and safety technical requirements. According to the provisions of the National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Textile Products and the safety technology category, clothing can be divided into three categories, A, B, and C. Usually category A has the highest requirements and can be worn by infants and young children. Category B is clothing that can directly touch the skin. Category C belongs to clothing that does not directly contact the skin.

The difference between A, B, and C clothing

A, B, and C categories of clothing cannot be distinguished by direct touch and naked eyes. The classification standards are mainly formaldehyde content, pH value, and color fastness. Among them, the biggest difference is the formaldehyde standard. Usually the clothes are with hang tags, and children's clothes with shining metal zipper or nylon coil zipper are no exception. In addition to the price, parents should pay attention to below signs.

Whether there is the mark "GB31701", and whether there are any indications of "baby and toddler products". Usually the mandatory standard for the quality inspection report of children's clothing with ordinary zipper product is GB31701-2015, and the main test items are odor, PH, formaldehyde, color fastness, lead, cadmium, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amines, etc. In addition, you need to check whether there is a mark of "Class A" for baby’s wear, or the logo does not meet the requirements. For example, if the clothing is the previous inventory and does not meet the new standard, some businessmen will deliberately smear old labels and put new labels on them, which is also illegal.

Pay attention to the accessories of clothes such as buttons, various colored zippers etc.

If the clothing for baby is no problem, the accessories should be paid attention to including buttons, zippers (metal zipper headcolored zipper puller etc.), straps, sequins, diamonds, beads and other common decorative objects,. These accessories are easy to fall off under the pull of children, and cause children to swallow or cause suffocation and other safety hazards. We know that kids tend to put small objects into their mouth due to curiosity, and they don’t know it may have potential danger and may release heavy metal substances, especially for younger babies. So, in order to keep the safety of kids, parents should pay more attention to the clothing with accessories and small plastic zipper.