What are the characteristics of the two-way zipper?

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What are the characteristics of the two-way zipper?

In order to make the zipper convenient, reasonable and economical to use, humans have created a series of zippers with different usage patterns. Introduction of the difference between double slider and single slider zipper: Double slider "O" type closed-end zipper, the most used is the opening of luggage, which can be opened in multiple directions. The use of luggage zipper is very convenient and flexible. Sometimes it is equipped with specially designed sliders, such as combination locks, locks, etc., which can prevent pickpockets from opening the box. There is also a double slider "X" zipper. As one of the most common and most commonly used closed-tail zippers, the single-pull zipper is widely used in sheets, clothing pockets, handbag zippers, trousers and luggage.


Although single slider and double slider zippers are different, their basic structure and functional principles are basically the same. They are composed of two elements such as chain belts and zipper pullers that can be engaged with each other. The two-way zipper is mainly used for outdoor clothing. In the event of an accidental abdominal injury, the zipper below can be directly opened to facilitate treatment.


First of all, the two-way zipper is an ornament. Secondly, two-way zippers are more durable than single-sided zippers, whether for chains or wiredrawings. Third, the two-way zipper is easy to use. The color fastness of the zipper puller mainly includes the washing and friction resistance of the product. It generally refers to the dyed fabrics undergoing external factors (extrusion, friction, soaping, rain, exposure, etc.) during use or processing. Whether it is a single zipper or a double zipper, when choosing a zipper puller for a garment, not only should pay attention to the difference between the color of the zipper tape and the fabric, that is, the color difference, but also the color fastness of the clothing zipper tape.


How do metal zippers distinguish between one-way and two-way zippers?

Metal zippers distinguish one-way and two-way zippers. In order to distinguish styles, textures, costs, etc., metal zipper manufacturers have produced a series of zippers with different uses. Although each type of zipper is different, their basic structure and functional principles are basically the same. They are composed of two elements such as sprockets and sliders that can mesh with each other.


As the name suggests, a one-way zipper can only wear one slider, or two sliders can be used for two-way pulling, but the pulling feeling of reverse pulling is generally a little worse. The type is Y tooth zipper and European tooth zipper. The two-way zipper can wear two sliders, and there is generally no difference in the two-way pull. The shape of the chain teeth is the same on both sides, but the cost is relatively high.


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