Why should we pay attention to the safety of zippers in children's clothing?

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Children's clothing mainly refers to clothing worn by children under the age of 12. In the process of wearing or using clothing, children, as an uncontrollable group, are most vulnerable to harm. On the one hand, they lack the ability to identify potential dangers, which can easily lead to various mechanical injuries in certain specific situations. Therefore, the zipper used for children's clothing must be very safe in terms of design, function and material selection.


The main quality inspection requirements of children's clothing zipper:

1. Performance test requirements

2. Hazardous substances

3. Pass the needle test


Due to poor management in the production process, there are often broken needles in quilted products such as clothing, which cause great harm to consumers. In order to find out the broken needles in the manufacturing process of clothing and accessories in time, relevant departments have made metal inspection machines and products for the safety of needle detection. Clothing exported to Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries have passed the requirements of needle detection.


Potential Risks and Hazards

1. Potential mechanical risks caused by appearance: For example, sharp corners or burrs of the product will scratch children's skin, children's physiological parts will protrude into products with large holes and cause sprains or other injuries, and excessively long ropes or belts may be damaged due to entanglement.

2. Risks caused by unqualified physical strength test: For example, hook pull tabs or other accessories are twisted and broken due to substandard strength, the drill of the drilled pull tab falls off, the chain teeth fall off, the slider is detached from the clothing, etc., and children swallow it and fall off suffocation or other injury.

3. Damage caused by unqualified product ingredients: such as lead, phthalate, formaldehyde, etc. in the product exceeding the standard, and the use of carcinogenic aromatic amines in azo soft materials. Children often like to put foreign objects in their mouths and bite, thereby ingesting harmful substances present in products.


HVV zipper quality control management of children's clothing zipper:

1. Specially equipped with testing machines in-house, and third-party testing if necessary

2. Professional knowledge training for personnel

3. The correct choice should be used reasonably. HVV recommends that some products should not be used in children's clothing:


a. 3# nylon waterproof zipper, 3# invisible zipper, 3# nylon opening and double opening zipper, 4# nylon opening zipper, 5# nylon double opening zipper

b. Injection-molded waterproof zippers, No. 3 injection-molded zippers with opening, double-opening and closing size over 40 cm,

c. No. 3 metal opening zipper

d. Hook pull tabs, leather label pull tabs, lanyard pull tabs, perforated pull tabs (diameter greater than 5mm) that children's fingers can reach into, drilled pull tabs and sharp corner pull tabs, filled pull tabs, Such as batt-filled pull tabs in plastic, plastic and rubber-coated pullers.


In addition, zippers for children's clothing require thick tab sliders and safety top stops. All HVV products use environmentally friendly raw materials, and undergo various strict inspections before and during production, and will conduct third-party inspections from time to time to confirm the quality and safety of the products. You can buy with confidence. Please feel free to contact us to place an order for zipper products and related accessories.