Can the rust smell of metal zippers be prevented or removed?

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Can the rust smell of metal zippers be prevented or removed?

In daily life, you often found that new clothes or knitted jackets just bought have a rust smell of metal zippers, which makes some people feel dizzy, especially for the people who is allergic to the rust smell. How to remove the rust smell of metal zippers? This article will tell you some tips, and hope that it is helpful for you.

The zipper on the clothes or bags smells of rust. What should you do?

We know that durable metal zippers are often used on jeans, jackets and beautiful bags. If you find that the metal odor of the zipper is very strong, and it is uncomfortable to smell, you have to find some ways to remove it.

1. Usually practical metal zippers are easy to have rust smell when there is rust mark on clothes or bags. If there is a slight rust mark, you can wipe it with a silver wiping cloth. Here special reminder that don’t wash the silver wiping cloth, no matter how dark it is, since it will damage the special coating on the outside and will be useless once coating outside is washed off. If the zipper is used frequently or for a long time, it is easy to rust. You may wipe it with lubricant or soap. This will not only prevent the zipper from rusting, but also keep the zipper flexible.

2. After washing the clothes, soak them with a soaking liquid of fragrance-type clothes, that is to say, soak a few drops in the water for about 15 minutes when the clothes are washed for the last time. The clothes will have a light fragrance when they are dried. And you will not smell the rust from zippers.

3. Try to soak the clothes with clothing sanitizer, which can be bought on laundry detergent counter in any supermarkets. Dettol and Weilus are both available. Please note that the concentration is not too high, otherwise the clothes will be damaged, especially for the clothes which are made of quick-drying fabrics. If they are made of pure cotton, it will be better. You just follow the instructions to soak the clothes. And then hang them in a ventilated and sunny place, and the rust smell will generally disappear.

4. For beautiful metal zippers on bags, you had better to pay attention to maintain. Usually the metal parts are made of synthetic metal gilding, and improper maintenance can easily cause bag metal zippers fading or even rust. If there are rust stains caused by surface wear, you may wipe it using soft detergents to remove.

5. Generally speaking, good-quality metal zippers won’t fade and rust or cause rust smell. The important thing is that it is not easy to be broken and it has long service life. So, it is suggested to choose clothes or bags with good metal zippers. But don’t put them in overly acidic or alkaline environment. What is more, for metal zipper manufacturers, special purpose and special requirements should be marked on labels of metal zippers, such as ordinary water washing or acid enzyme washing and so on.