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Environmental Protection Concept
Environmental Protection Concept
With the development of society, people's awareness of environmental protection and the pursuit of ecological life quality have been greatly improved. 
Therefore, the environmental protection requirements for industries and products are higher and higher. As a professional zipper manufacturer for more than 20 years, HVV fully understands the importance of environmental protection. 
We not only build a green factory to reduce waste and damage in the manufacturing process, but also devote ourselves to the research and development of recycled zippers.
Zipper production inevitably involves some chemical processes. Improper waste disposal will do harm to the environment and human beings. 
We build green factories according to many international environmental standards of zipper industry. At the same time, as the zipper plastic is difficult to decompose, we are currently committed to the research and development of recyclable zippers.
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HVV has been working hard to make a contribution to environmental protection, providing environmentally friendly products to meet the needs of customers.




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