• Q What is the tail zipper?

    A when the zipper is pulled open, the two sides of the tooth chain can be completely separated.
  • Q what is the load pull?

    A the number of times that the zipper can be pulled reciprocally by the pulling head under the specified transverse and longitudinal tension.
  • Q what is pull head, pull piece adhesion?

    A pull sheet from the pull head body vertical to the back direction of the ultimate force of destruction.
  • Q what is the pull - in smoothness?

    A under the specified conditions, the maximum force of the zipper closing process
  • Q What is tooth chain?

    A If two matching single-side maxillary teeth are continuously meshed with each other, the two side maxillary teeth will form a tooth chain.
  • Q What is the type of zipper?

    A closed tail zipper, single tail zipper, double tail zipper.
  • Q What is a zipper?

    A A connecting piece consisting of two flexible tooth chain belts which can be meshed with each other and a pulling head which can be repeatedly pulled open and pulled. Zipper is a retractable, open, by two flexible, mutually meshing one side of the tooth chain connector.




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