How can I keep the zipper repaired without replacing it?

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How can I keep the zipper repaired without replacing it?

Since almost everything in your wardrobe has at least one zip, it seems completely reasonable to know one or two tips on how to fix a zipper. Although people can take a broken zipper to the local alterations shop and ask the professionals for a zipper slider replacement or repair, there always will be situations where you can’t seek for help from others such as you’re on your way out or your bag suddenly break and you won’t find any zipper parts to replace the malfunctioning ones or there’s no zipper sliders for sale. In these cases, a simple and instant zipper fix solution is what you need. There could be multiple reasons for the zipper breaking and this article will focus on fixing a zipper slider.


If one or both sides of the slider come off the track, the zipper doesn't necessarily need replacing a new zipper slider, the slider just needs reattaching. To do this, you first need to find the 'bottom' of the zip. The bottom of the zip is, typically, the end closest to the floor when you're wearing the garment. If you can't tell which is the right side, look for the end with a square tab of fabric after the zip finishes.

Then, feed the teeth from that end into the slider. If you need extra leverage to push the teeth into place, use a flathead screwdriver. Once the teeth are inside both sides of the slider, use the puller to move it up and down the track to lock it in place. You won’t even need a zipper fix kit because just something already existed in everyone’s house can just come right in hand. Also you won’t pay the money and effort to buy zipper slider or parts of a zipper slider since there won’t be any need for a replacement.


Also you’d want to know what you need to do to prevent this from happening again. The best way to avoid breaking your zipper is by making sure you don't use too much force to fasten it. Instead, use steady, consistent pulls to guide the sliders up and down the zip. If you have to start tugging really hard to get the puller to move, stop and reevaluate.


If you're trying to fasten a bag that's overflowing or jeans that are too small, it's entirely possible the zip will buckle when there's too much pressure pulling the teeth apart. The trick here is to avoid forcing the zip. When there's a significant amount of resistance sliding the zipper closed this is often a sign that, even if you manage to close it, the zip might still break. Instead, try emptying your bag, or taking your clothes to the alteration shop to see if there's any way they can make the item fit better (chances are, if the zip is too tight to fasten, the piece of clothing isn't particularly comfortable to wear either), which could hit two birds with the one stone.


Hope this article will help you become a instant zipper fixer yourself.