What are Chinese zipper manufacturers facing?

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What are Chinese zipper manufacturers facing?

At present, zippers are widely used in many areas of the national economy, including clothing, textiles, luggage, sporting goods, travel goods, medical treatment, etc. Zippers mainly include nylon zippers, resin zippers, and metal zippers. Among them, high-quality metal zippers are mid-to-high-end products, and precision metal zippers are the development direction of metal zippers.

Metal zippers are loved by people because of their appearance and durability. Common metal zippers mainly include metal zippers for jacketsmetal zippers for handbagsantique brass zipper and white metal zipper.

The Status Quo of Metal Zippers

At present, the overall technical level of nylon zippers and resin zippers in China has reached the international advanced level. However, there is still a certain gap in the production equipment and technology of metal zippers, especially precision metal zippers.

Due to the labor-intensive nature of the zipper industry and the long-term and rapid growth of the domestic textile and apparel and luggage industries in China, China's domestic zipper industry has maintained rapid growth since its rise in the 1980s and from the 1990s to the present. Today, after more than 30 years of development, China has taken a leading position in the manufacture and export of metal zippers.

In the next few years, with the development of downstream textile, luggage, footwear and sporting goods industries, as well as the acceleration of domestic consumption upgrades, the domestic demand for zippers will also maintain growth. However, China's zipper industry also has problems such as production capacity mainly concentrated in the low-end market, insufficient production capacity of high-end products, unreasonable product structure, chaotic and disorderly competition, and large gap between technology and foreign countries. How to apply the metal zipper technology more widely to high-end clothes, bags and sports goods is a problem worthy of consideration by the whole industry.

Challenges Facing the Industry

1. Low-end production capacity

The production capacity of zipper is mainly concentrated in the low-end market, and the production capacity of high-end metal zipper products is insufficient, resulting in unstable product quality and unreasonable product structure. Zipper companies are relatively traditional and small in scale. Transformation requires new knowledge as a driving force. The number and quality of professionals determine the height, quality, and success of industry and business transformation. The metal separating zipper industry lacks expert and knowledge-based talents, and the combination of advanced technology and traditional industries is insufficient. The problem of product homogeneity is serious. Product innovation and research and development capabilities are poor. Product competition is mainly based on price competition. Zipper companies have poor brand awareness and lack of internationally renowned zipper brands.

2. Slow technological progress

For a long time, the development and research of China's zipper production technology has not received due attention. There is a general lack of in-depth research and development of the integrated technology of the entire zipper industry in China, which restricts the development of related technologies in the zipper industry and leads to a large gap with international advanced zipper manufacturers. Therefore, if the metal zipper manufacturer wants to make a big development in the overall technology, it must increase the independent research and development investment in the related technology of the zipper intelligent automation equipment.

3. Low industry barriers

The industry has no restrictions on access qualifications and no unified technical standards. There are many small and medium-sized enterprises in the industry, the concentration is low, the market competition is chaotic, and investors are easy to enter and exit. Therefore, if companies in the industry want to gain a foothold in the industry for a long time and grow stronger, they must effectively deal with the risks brought by foreign competitors, improve their product technology, and enhance their core competitiveness.