What is the service life of a zipper generally related to?

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What is the service life of a zipper generally related to?

In addition to the more practical functions, the zipper is also a must in terms of decoration. If the zipper on a product is not qualified, it will affect the quality of the entire product. Therefore, the maintenance of the zipper is very important. How can we prolong the service life of the zipper?


It is hard for people to think that a small zipper will concentrate more than 30,000 patents, including technology, design and many other aspects. The lining, buttons and other accessories are the skeleton and eyes of the clothing. They determine the quality of the clothing and play a vital role in improving the quality of the clothing. In particular, the adhesive interlining has the problem of matching with clothing and fabrics. Therefore, while the clothing conferences and the new fabric ordering fairs are being held continuously, the accessories products have also increased their efforts in the research and development of new products, but they are more low-key and more powerful.


In normal use, if you find some small faults on the zipper, you should repair it in time, and the dead pull will only get worse and worse. Generally, zippers are used to load luggage, clothes pockets and other parts, so to avoid problems with zippers, these items should not contain too many things. When pulling, you need to pay attention to skills. You should first align the teeth on both sides and then gently pull forward. Do not pull hard.


Waxing the zipper often to keep it dry is also very helpful to improve the smoothness of the zipper. That is to say, as long as our daily maintenance is reasonable, the service life of the zipper will naturally be extended, which also reflects the value of the zipper.


Therefore, the service life of the zipper is directly related to our daily life. If the zipper is well maintained, it can be used when the zipper is broken. If it is not maintained well, it will soon break down. Of course, if someone wants to buy or replace a zipper, we want to choose an HVV zipper.


To give a specific example, the zipper is one of the very important accessories of the backpack, which can be directly related to the service life of the backpack. Backpack zippers are divided into different types according to different properties. According to the material classification, they can be divided into three types: resin zippers, nylon zippers, and metal zippers. The quality of the backpack zipper is not only related to the quality of the backpack. The matching of the appropriate zipper with the backpack style has the finishing touch. A small zipper can make a big difference.


1. Resin zipper

Features: Resin zippers are tough, wear-resistant, corrosion-resistant, colorful and suitable for a wide temperature range. In addition, because of the large area of the upper and lower planes of the chain teeth, it is beneficial to inlay diamonds or gemstones on the planes, which makes the zipper more beautiful and luxurious, doubles its value, and becomes a practical craft decoration.


2. Nylon zipper

Features: Nylon zipper is soft, smooth surface, bright and colorful. The most prominent features are light weight, thin chain teeth, and windability. Among them, the waterproof zipper is also a branch of the nylon zipper, which is a nylon zipper that has undergone some special treatments: sticking PVC film, sticking TPU film, soaking in waterproof agent, coating waterproof zipper and so on.


3. Metal zipper

Features: Durable, soft, elegant and solemn.